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Our new 7” single, Stage Fright/Ok to Drive, produced by Mark Hallman is available now: 

Buy It Here!


You get the vinyl, plus a cd, plus a download card.

The video for OK to Drive is out:

Watch It Here!


We are headed to Upstate New York in October and Seattle Area in December, so keep an eye on our tour dates and spread the word!

We also have a few radio spots coming up, and we hope you can give these listener supported stations a hand for doing what they do.

Over Easy (KWVH 94.1 FM) Listen in for music and conversation November 6, 8:30 AM

The Singer and the Song (KOOP 91.7 FM) We will be Rush Evan's guests for an hour of live music and discussion. November 23, 3-4 pm.


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