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Austin, Texas
Sunday Feb. 28th, 6 pm Central




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Season 10
Available 2.26.21

Celebrating our tenth year of writing, recording, and performing together, our new record Season 10 was produced by Mark Hallman (Carole King, Ani DiFranco), with special guests Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, REM, Big Star) on guitar, keys and vocals and Andre Moran of the Belle Sounds on guitar. Available on most platforms starting February 26th.

Artwork by Austin, Texas artist Debra Hurd.

"Every now and then an album comes along that palpably captures the fragility of beauty and the longing for a spaciousness that can embrace our loneliness, our shared disillusionment, and our shared hopes and dreams...

These Fine Moments’ SEASON 10 imbues our world with a crystalline beauty.


Producer Mark Hallman layers their tight harmonies, cascading guitar riffs, tinkling piano chords and swirling keyboards perfectly to create beautiful melodic spaces.


Their versatility is impressive and their willingness to experiment with tone and beat, they transcend the limitations of a folk-pop duo, creating a wonderfully complete album."

  - Alan Cackett, Americana, Roots, Country & Bluegrass Music

"Season 10 is a little bit of an oxymoron with its angst-ridden words couched in some soaring, melodic acoustic music. However that dissonance is so well balanced you can either ignore it and ride the musical waves, or you can dig in and wallow in it. And if you’re a Smith’s fan, I think These Fine Moments might be what they would have sounded like if they’d gone down the folk route."

  - Shawn Underwood, Twangville

THESE FINE MOMENTS/Season 10:  "Modern folkies tempered by modern times and life in Austin, they amp it up beyond granola music and move it into stuff you can feel.  They don’t stray far from their singer/songwriter roots and know how to pack some emotion into the bytes to give their stuff some real bite.  Right up the acoustic based alley."

  - Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"The music hearkens back to the best of 1960s folk/pop/rock with shimmering acoustic and tremolo guitar work and sublime vocal harmonies that may remind you at times of It’s a Beautiful Day, the 1960s San Francisco group."


 - Jeff Burger, Americana Highways

"...their songwriting seems to match their all-encompassing, sweeping style of music. With folk-rock undertones, the two sing There’s a storm beneath the beauty you can feel / And you wanted to see what the wind and rain reveal. Lyrically, their songs are like poetry set to music. "

 - Delia Rowland, American Songwriter

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