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Season 10 (2021)


Produced by Mark Hallman (Carole King, Ani DiFranco), with special guests Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, REM, Big Star) on guitar, keys, and vocals and Andre Moran of the Belle Sounds on guitar.

Break It, Bought It (2017)


Produced by Mark Hallman. Guitars and vocals by Robert and Hilary. Mike Rieman bass, Aaron Parks drums, David Breaux organ and piano, Tyler Mabry piano, Don Bassey bass, Kevin Hayes drums, Stephen Doster guitars, B. Sterling Archer cello, Mark Hallman bass and drums. Available as download or CD.

Patience (2015)


Produced by Mark Hallman. Guitars and vocals by Robert and Hilary. Dave Ducharme-Jones guitar, Tyler Mabry piano and Hammond B3, David Valley bass, Andre Moran guitar, Ben Balmer harmonica, Mark Hallman drums, bass, guitar.

Sooner or Later (2014)


Produced by Stephen Doster.  Guitars and vocals by Robert and Hilary.  Stephen Doster guitars, Tyler Mabry piano, George Reiff bass, Dony Wynn drums. Released as a 5-song CD.

Bright Idea (2013)


Produced by Mark Hallman and These Fine Moments.  Guitars and vocals by Robert and Hilary. Ben Balmer guitar and harmonica, Tyler Mabry piano and organ, Eddie Flores drums, John Koehler bass, Andre Moran guitar, Mark Hallman accordian, organ, drums.

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